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Chemical-Mechanical Surface Polishing to Improve Mechanical Performance and Corrosion Resistance

The surface finishing process was performed by REM Surface Engineering, using their Extreme ISF Process®. This process combines a chemical polishing (CP) operation followed by […]

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Results of ISO/TS 6336-22 Evaluating Full Contact Zone

  Description of ISO/TS 6336-22 The previous paper contained a detailed description of the methods in ISO/TS 6336-22. A brief […]

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Tackling EV Noise Reduction

Ultimately, the next largest contributor will become the target as the transmission error is further minimized. This is typically vibro-acoustic […]

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Additive Manufacturing and Gears

Binder jetting The 3DPC started the tour with binder jetting/binder jet-like companies 3DEO and Desktop Metal. Both companies were a […]

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Vibratory Bowl Media Attrition: Part 2

What is the Attrition Rate of the Media You are Using? The key tidbit of information relative to predicting how […]

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Vibratory Bowl Gear Polishing Inefficiencies

Media Volume Inefficiency The most common inefficiency in isotropic finishing is a low media level. Media is a wear item […]


NASA SPINOFF – Some Engineering Is Only Skin Deep

So he contacted REM Surface Engineering of Southington, Connecticut. Founded by CEO Justin Michaud’s grandfather as a decorative plating supply […]

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Post-Process Superfinishing of Additively Manufactured Components for Next-Gen Space Application

REM Surface Engineering and Additive Manufacturing The past decades have seen Additive Manufacturing (AM) develop from an idea to a […]


Isotropic Superfinishing for Gear Repair for Helicopters and Wind Turbines

Isotropic Superfinishing Isotropic superfinishing is a term that, in the broadest sense, describes any process that is achieves a “superfinish” […]

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