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Mechanical Paste Polishing vs. CAVF Finishing of Gears

A recent Materials Matter article compared generic deburring versus CAVF (chemically accelerated vibratory finishing.) Both techniques are conducted in a vibratory unit.

White Papers

The Challenges of Generic Deburring vs. CAVF Deburring

Relative to gear hobbing, shaving, and/or post heat-treat grinding to generate accurate tooth morphology there may come a time wherein vibratory deburring is a requirement to remove adherent burrs. 

White Papers

Changes Ahead in the Roughness Standards

I have written numerous articles on tooth flank surface roughness measurement. This is such a page-turner of a subject!

White Papers

Materials Matter : Roughness Measurement: Optical vs. Contact Stylus Profilometry

Optical profilometry will become an important tool for predicting gear performance with more research and development of an objective lens to fit into tooth spaces.

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