failure modes

Mechanical Paste Polishing vs. CAVF Finishing of Gears

Posted by on lunedì, Agosto 3rd, 2020 in

A Quick Review of CAVF Processing In CAVF, an HDNA media fills the vibratory unit. The high-density, non-abrasive media is […]...

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Measuring Tooth Flank Roughness

Posted by on mercoledì, Gennaio 23rd, 2019 in

The wide capability range of available roughness measurement equipment. Poor roughness measurement equipment maintenance. Ambiguous roughness specification. Imprecise roughness measurement […]...

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Repairing Wind Turbine Gears and Assemblies with Isotropic Superfinishing

Posted by on martedì, Giugno 13th, 2017 in

What is isotropic superfinishing? Isotropic superfinishing is a process that produces a smooth (typically < 0.1 μm Ra), micro-textured surface […]...

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Materials Matter: Scuffing

Posted by on sabato, Settembre 17th, 2016 in

Figure 1 Much like fatigue-based failure modes, scuffing causes a large degradation of the surface’s geometry, leads to inefficiency in […]...

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