Materials Matter

Mechanical Paste Polishing vs. CAVF Finishing of Gears

Posted by on lunedì, Agosto 3rd, 2020 in

Choosing the best gear finishing method often comes down to production volume, processing cycle times, and gear profiles. By William […]...

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The Challenges of Generic Deburring vs. CAVF Deburring

Posted by on domenica, Luglio 19th, 2020 in

CAVF allows use of HDNA media, which has a low attrition rate, keeping its shape and size much longer and […]...

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Changes Ahead in the Roughness Standards

Posted by on lunedì, Giugno 22nd, 2020 in

Just when you thought it was safe to calculate a tooth flank surface roughness measurement, think again. By Mark Michaud […]...

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Materials Matter : Roughness Measurement: Optical vs. Contact Stylus Profilometry

Posted by on domenica, Aprile 19th, 2020 in

Optical profilometry will become an important tool for predicting gear performance with more research and development of an objective lens to fit into tooth spaces....

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Rotorcraft Gearbox Regulations: LOL (not what you think)

Posted by on lunedì, Marzo 16th, 2020 in

The European Union’s CS-29 Amendment 7 places more stringent and rigorous testing requirements for certification of Category A type pressurized gearboxes under loss of lubrication conditions compared to the previous regulation....

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Materials Matter : Roughness Measurement Tips: Calibration, the Razor Blade Test

Posted by on martedì, Febbraio 25th, 2020 in

If a problem is found with a contact stylus profilometer during routine check with a Rubert-Song specimen, do a little troubleshooting before sending it off for calibration and recertification....

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Roughness Measurement Tips: The Scratch Pad

Posted by on giovedì, Gennaio 16th, 2020 in

You can check a profilometer’s overall performance following a quality-control-defined procedure and frequency using this traceable calibration specimen. By Mark Michaud […]...

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Vibratory Media Compositions vs. Attrition and Density

Posted by on martedì, Ottobre 1st, 2019 in

Vibratory media composition vs. attrition and density WILLIAM P. NEBIOLO PRODUCT MANAGER — —REM SURFACE ENGINEERING Media content is based […]...

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Selecting media for optimum vibe bowl gear finishing

Posted by on martedì, Agosto 20th, 2019 in

Selecting media for optimum vibe bowl gear finishing by WILLIAM P. NEBIOLO PRODUCT  MANAGER Choosing the best media depends on […]...

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Materials Matter: How to Set Up a Vibratory Bowl for Gear Finishing

Posted by on venerdì, Luglio 19th, 2019 in

How to Set Up a Vibratory Bowl for Gear Finishing William P. Nebiolo, REM Surface Engineering, Inc. Open or tight […]...

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Materials Matter : Surface Finishing Rotorcraft Gearing

Posted by on mercoledì, Ottobre 3rd, 2018 in

An analysis of a loss of lubrication test of Isotropic Superfinished gears without black oxide coating. By Lane Winkelmann Rotorcraft gearboxes are […]...

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Materials Matter : The State of the Art of Wind Turbine Gearboxes

Posted by on mercoledì, Settembre 5th, 2018 in

Regularly scheduled maintenance keeps turbines spinning, and the proper lubricants can extend the period between checkups. By Mark Michaud – August 15, 2018 […]...

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