ISF Surface

Isotropic Superfinishing for Gear Repair for Helicopters and Wind Turbines

Posted by on giovedì, Ottobre 14th, 2021 in

Isotropic Superfinishing Isotropic superfinishing is a term that, in the broadest sense, describes any process that is achieves a “superfinish” […]...

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Gear Expo Live! Ask the Expert with Mark Michaud

Posted by on venerdì, Febbraio 23rd, 2018 in


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Horsepower Retention by ISF (Isotropic Superfinishing) of Automotive Racing Components

Posted by on martedì, Novembre 19th, 2013 in

Automotive power and drivetrain components typically transfer the energy from fuel combustions through a series of metal-to-metal mechanical components....

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