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REM Surface Engineering

The Effect of Superfinishing on Gear Micropitting, Part II

By: Lane Winkelmann, Omer El–Saeed and Matt Bell, REM Chemicals Inc.

Technical Papers and White Papers

One of the most common failure mechanisms of highly stressed case carburized gears is micropitting (gray staining). The standard FZG gear test (FVA Work Sheet 54) is generally used to determine the micropitting load capacity of gear lubricants. In recent years, FZG gear testing has also demonstrated its usefulness for evaluating the effect of superfinishing on increasing the micropitting load capacity of gears. Such studies, however, can only be afforded by major corporations or research consortiums whereby the data is typically kept confidential. Results from the Technical University of Munich were previously presented in Part I of this paper. Part II will present the results of Ruhr University Bochum. Both research groups concluded that superfinishing is one of the most powerful technologies for significantly increasing the load carrying capacity of gear flanks.


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