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NASA SPINOFF – Some Engineering Is Only Skin Deep

Posted by on lunedì, Gennaio 31st, 2022 in

So he contacted REM Surface Engineering of Southington, Connecticut. Founded by CEO Justin Michaud’s grandfather as a decorative plating supply […]...

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Scratching the Surface: How Surface Engineering Fills in the Gaps that AM Leaves Behind

Posted by on mercoledì, Maggio 12th, 2021 in

Prior to 3D printing’s arrival on the manufacturing scene, the US military supply chain was often met with lengthy and arduous timelines for critical asset production. This not only stalled the manufacture and repair of essential equipment within t...

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Physical Characteristics of the Vibratory Bowl and How They Affect Processing Efficiency

Posted by on venerdì, Luglio 19th, 2019 in

Vibratory bowls are outfitted with hot-poured polyurethane liners and their durometer hardness is an oft-cited characteristic. But what is durometer hardness and how is it useful?...

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Materials Matter: Gear Corrosion in the Manufacturing Process

Posted by on martedì, Gennaio 31st, 2017 in

No matter how well gears are designed and manufactured, gear corrosion can occur during the manufacturing process, which may, in turn, result in catastrophic failure....

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Materials Matter: Comparing Surface Roughness Parameters

Posted by on giovedì, Gennaio 5th, 2017 in

Effective gear design must account for a range of potential failure modes. As discussed in previous Materials Matter columns, gear failure modes can be fatigue-based and progressive (such as micropitting) or sudden (such as scuffing)....

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Materials Matter: Gear Surfaces and Operational Performance

Posted by on mercoledì, Marzo 16th, 2016 in

In the search for increased performance and durability, gear and bearing design has sought to make use of improved steel grades combined with enhanced heat treatment techniques....

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