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Expectations for a Chemically-Accelerated Super-finishing Process – Part 2/3

Posted by on lunedì, Settembre 18th, 2023 in

In the previous article, we discussed the fact that chemically accelerated/assisted superfinishing, also known as isotropic superfinishing, was introduced into the gear industry more than twenty years ago. Since that time, it has become widely accept...

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What to Expect From Chemically Accelerated Superfinishing Process

Posted by on mercoledì, Agosto 30th, 2023 in

Isotropic superfinishing is a customizable manufacturing operation whereby tens or hundreds of gears can be simultaneously processed in the same […]...

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The Reduction of Parasitic Friction in Automotive Gearbox and Drive Train Components by the Isotropic Superfinish

Posted by on martedì, Novembre 19th, 2013 in

Microscopic examination of the traditionally ground tooth surfaces of automotive transmission gears reveals a micro-roughness, and unidirectional pattern corresponding to the direction of the gear tooth grinding operation....

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