REM’s isotropic superfinishing technologies can be applied to a wide range of metals. These isotropic superfinishing/polishing technologies are extremely effective at reducing component surface roughness while generating a unique, non-directional micro-texture. These surface modifications create numerous component improvements and performance benefits.

REM has vast experience working with all traditional metal forming techniques including but not limited to forging, casting (including sand casting), machining (including hobbing, milling, grinding, turning, belting, and honing), lapping, metal injection molding (MIM) and powder metal forming. Additionally, REM is one of the leaders in the Metal Additive Manufacturing surface finishing or Post-Processing industry with over ten years of experience work with Metal AM building styles such as L-PBF, EBM, DED, Metal FDM, and Binder Jetting.

REM’s technology can be used on nitrided components and shot-peened components to address the surface challenges inherently produced by these processes (white layer and poor quality surface texture respectively) without damage or removing the benefits imparted by these processes. REM’s technology can be used as a repair or refurbishment process on used, damaged components, and can be successfully used to support quality inspection processes such as nital etch inspection as well as fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI) and magnetic particle inspection (MPI); in some special case, REM’s processes can even be used standalone techniques to identify problematic surface composition and hardness variations.

REM’s processes are not limited by component hardness or toughness and do not in any way degrade the mechanical or physical properties of a component. Rather, REM’s processes tend to allow a component’s material properties to be maximized by eliminating surface-initiated fatigue failures as well as wear from contact fatigue. These process technologies can be used as final geometric tolerancing operations for many applications due to their controllability and material removal uniformity.

Capable of being used as both a cost-saving operation, a value-added upgrade to components, or a drop solution to a component or manufacturing performance problem, REM’s technologies are truly revolutionary in the world of surface finishing and polishing of metal components.

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Some of the Metals REM has Experience with:

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